Chaya Chess Academy is an affiliated unit of Guwahati Chess Association and is run by a group of professional chess coaches. Academy is currently providing coaching all over India and abroad. 


Chaya Chess Academy was established on 3rd of September 2017 and is run by a group 5 professional and experienced coaches. Our mission is to spread the knowledge of chess to all parts of the world.


Our vision is to help every budding chess players in becoming a stronger and better


Our main objective is to help students in developing certain skill set which will be helpful for them in real life. Our main focus is on developing 4 important  skills. 

  1.  Problem solving skill
  2. Planning and foresight
  3. Ability to take risk
  4. Leadership skill.

Apart from this 4 skills, chess also helps in building confidence, improving their memory, concentration and also helps in understanding the importance of teamwork.

Our Accomplishments

Over the course of 3.5 years we have trained more than 250+kids from all over and some parts of United States and United Kingdom. Many of our students have performed extremely well in state and national level tournaments and some of them have achieved international FIDE rating at a very young age. We also have organized many tournaments where more than 100+ players participated from all over India and outside.